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Setting the Stage for Your Video

5 MIN TO READ Whether you’re filming in a studio, an office, or even outside, setting the stage for your video is incredibly important. Proper set design will help you avoid common pitfalls, and ensure your shoot goes as smoothly as possible. Read on for the six keys to setting the stage for success.

Video Marketing for Your Small Business: Law Firms

5 MIN TO READ Is your marketing strategy best described as ambulance chasing? If there ever was an industry that needed to drag its marketing efforts out of the dark ages, it’s the legal industry. So why not try something modern and highly impactful? A well-made video will tell people what you’re all about, and the difference you can make when they’re in need….

10 Best Practices for Creating an Engaging Video Learning Center

8 MIN TO READ Keeping up with the pace of change in the modern world can feel overwhelming. After a long day, it requires a lot of discipline to pick up a book or go to a talk. Even reading an article can inspire pangs of guilt when to-do’s are piling up on your desk. This is exactly where video learning centers come in….

6 Types of Self-Service Videos that Drive Online Sales

4 MIN TO READ Do you know the perfect way to lose an online sale? Forcing your customer to stop the purchase process to phone or email your company to ask a question. Creating a comprehensive, video-based self-service process will ensure customers are equipped with all the information they need to make a purchase decision. Additionally, it’s important to continue to provide outstanding customer…

Video Marketing Lessons From Auto Body Repair Shops

4 MIN TO READ Customer communication is key to growing just about any business. After all, a well-informed customer who fully understands your product, or the services you’ll provide, is much likelier to be happy with the outcome. Happy customers might even tell their friends, helping to generate that all important brand awareness for your business. As a business that relies heavily of word-of-mouth and referrals, auto body…

How to Film Your Own Video Rant

3 MIN TO READ Bottling everything up never did anyone any good! Releasing your feelings on video is not only cathartic, it makes for an authentic video that tells your followers exactly what you’re all about. But, you don’t want to come across as someone with anger issues! There’s a fine line between letting people know what you’re really thinking, and oversharing, or offending….