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Introducing Yourself: Nailing Your Company’s “About Us” Video

5 MIN TO READ A good ‘About Us’ video tells the story of a brand, provides necessary information, fulfills a need, establishes a bit of social proof, and clearly shows what a brand is about. We’ve discussed a lot of different kinds of videos in this blog: interviews, series, and outdoor shoots, but your ‘About Us’ video is perhaps THE most important video you…

B2B Marketing With Online Video

4 MIN TO READ Business-to-business marketers have embraced video, and video marketing is currently one of the most important B2B strategies. However, it’s hard to know where to get started. Remember the stale videos from corporate training and information sessions? Those videos are exactly what you don’t want to do; they’re ineffective in today’s B2B marketplace. Your B2B video should be one part strategy,…

11 Great Ideas for Your Next Web Series

5 MIN TO READ Web series are a great way to capture and sustain audience interest. It’s a fresh way to keep audiences coming back to your brand week after week. This blog post is dedicated to crafting engaging online web series, with eleven ideas to get your own video series going.

Persuasive Calls to Action: Are Your Videos Benefiting From Them?

5 MIN TO READ The one key ingredient to any successful marketing video is an effective call-to-action (CTA). A persuasive CTA allows you to strike while the iron is hot, when viewers are most engaged and intrigued by your solutions. Here are the details on why they are so important, and how to implement your own powerful CTAs.

How to Host Online Video Contests

5 MIN TO READ Online video contests are a great way to get amateur filmmakers interacting with your brand. However, getting people to send you videos is not as easy as it may seem. Here are a few considerations when asking people to send videos your way.

Ten Traits Required to be an Online Video Influencer

7 MIN TO READ Stars are not just a Hollywood byproduct. Today, the line between celebrity and average citizen is being blurred online. Online video influencers have moved beyond their devoted niche followings, becoming mainstream media fixtures. Meanwhile, celebrities are getting in on the action, and developing large followings of their own with online video. Hailing from different backgrounds, covering vastly different territory, and…