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How to Host Online Video Contests

5 MIN TO READ Online video contests are a great way to get amateur filmmakers interacting with your brand. However, getting people to send you videos is not as easy as it may seem. Here are a few considerations when asking people to send videos your way.

Ten Traits Required to be an Online Video Influencer

7 MIN TO READ Stars are not just a Hollywood byproduct. Today, the line between celebrity and average citizen is being blurred online. Online video influencers have moved beyond their devoted niche followings, becoming mainstream media fixtures. Meanwhile, celebrities are getting in on the action, and developing large followings of their own with online video. Hailing from different backgrounds, covering vastly different territory, and…

Eight Tips for Incorporating Gamification into Your Videos

4 MIN TO READ Gamification is an innovative way to interact with an audience and keep consumers invested in your brand. Gamification refers to a process by which you motivate people to take certain actions by leveraging elements common in games. Think bonus points, leveling up, progress tracking, special features, or challenges. Here are eight tips for incorporating different elements of gamification into your…

10 Reasons To Delete an Online Video

3 MIN TO READ To keep your video library organized, it’s necessary to periodically prune your videos and make room for new ones! Here are ten reasons you might choose to delete a video you currently have hosted on your website.

13 (Easy to Fix!) Reasons People Don’t Like Your Videos

3 MIN TO READ (Photo Credit: Jacob Lund at Shutterstock) You poured your heart and soul into your video, but when you released it… crickets. If you’re trying to do everything right, but still are not gaining much traction, there could be a reason for it! Take a look at these thirteen common mistakes that can turn off your viewers, and learn how to…

7 Ways to Make Cool Videos for ‘Boring’ Industries

3 MIN TO READ A common woe among people who would like to use video in their online marketing strategy is that their industry is just too boring. If you are one of them and are still racking your brain to come up with fun and interesting content for your videos, here are seven ideas to help you get started!