Hot on the heels of the major marketing integrations we released last week, we are excited to announce even more improvements to our platform.

We’ve streamlined some processes, made certain tasks more intuitive, and refreshed most of the UI. We’ve also added some nifty grab-and-go video sharing tools to boot.

Keep reading for all the details on these fabulous new features.

In-App Design Changes

Across the whole platform, you should notice a much more streamlined appearance. We changed lots of details, big and small, to help make everyday tasks much more intuitive.

The most significant changes are in the Video Library, where you can view all of your videos. We added a few tools that will make users with large video libraries very happy.

New Video Sharing Features

The biggest change we made was to add the ability to grab a video URL or embed code right from your video listing page. You no longer have to click through to a specific video in order to access these sharing tools.

To grab the sharing URL for a video, simply hover your cursor over the corresponding sharing icon in the new “Share” column:

Grab your video sharing url

To copy an embed code, you can chose from the default inline, lightbox, or email embed codes for your video. You can also jump straight to the embed code customization tools if you’d like to edit the embed code for your video first.

grab an embed code for your video

New Tag and Playlist Search Features

If you have lots of tags or playlists, these new search features should help make your lives much easier when it comes to tagging videos or adding them to playlists.

We’ve added the ability to easily search Tags right from the corresponding dropdown menu:

searching tags

We’ve also added a similar functionality to the Playlist dropdown menu:

search playlists on SproutVideo

Please note that the new search features only show up if you have more than 10 tags or 10 playlists. If you have fewer than 10, you won’t see the new search field.

Curious about all these changes, but don’t yet have a SproutVideo account? You can open a free trial and check them out for free.

We’re always looking for ways to make your life easier. If you have any suggestions for what we might tackle next, be sure to share them with us in the comments below.