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7 Ways to Use Video for Customer Support & Retention

7 MIN TO READ Video customer support is one of the best strategies for creating customer loyalty. Consumers expect timely solutions, and video provides immediate answers. In fact, video can be used for support and retention throughout the customer’s journey. In this article, we’ll discuss seven ways to use video for customer support and retention.

How to Create a Video Website in 10 Easy Steps

7 MIN TO READ Video websites are designed to showcase video front and center. They are an ideal solution for companies and creators who need a destination for viewers. Whether you want to build an employees-only video library or protect your content behind a paywall, video websites offer an affordable and effective solution. This article covers making a video website in 10 steps, from ideation to launch!

What is Video Metadata and How Do I Use It?

6 MIN TO READ Unlike web pages, which include keyword information, videos rely on metadata to communicate the subject matter. Therefore, metadata is essential for video SEO. This guide will teach you how to use metadata to optimize your video content for search engine discoverability.

11 Evergreen Content Ideas with Video Examples (Updated for 2024)

10 MIN TO READ Evergreen content is highly effective at producing sustainable growth. This type of content continues to provide value for your target audience (and attract visitors) long past its publishing date. Our evergreen content mini-guide will teach you how to brainstorm topics, get the most out of your content, and provide you with a plethora of ideas to get started.

5 Most Valuable Video Metrics to Measure Success

9 MIN TO READ Video metrics tell the story of how viewers interact with your video. They serve as key performance indicators (KPIs) for videos that provide direction as you review the data, test strategies to enhance engagement, and increase ROI.  From learning and development to operations, technology, and support — video metrics are essential for tracking the effectiveness of video content. Learn how…