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The Importance of Sharing Videos on Social

4 MIN TO READ With so many new social media platforms popping up left and right, it can be tough to determine the best place to post your videos, or whether to post them at all. Not all platforms are equal when it comes to video, but with video becoming an enormous aspect of the social space, it’s more important than ever to get it right.

Mapping Video Marketing Content to Tactics and Tools

5 MIN TO READ Video is a brilliant tool for growing your business, especially when combined with the right marketing tools. Last week, we sat down with Chloe Romero from Lemonlight Media to walk you through exactly which types of content work best, while paired with SproutVideo’s features.  We’ll be looking specifically at lead capture, video SEO, calls-to-action, and social sharing in this post….

Learn How Media Bridge Streamlines Hubspot/SproutVideo Integration

3 MIN TO READ As marketers, we are always seeking new ways to connect with our audience. At SproutVideo, our mission is to put creativity back in marketers’ hands, taking video to the next level by empowering our users to use high-quality video throughout their marketing efforts. With intuitive, powerful tools like embedded video, video analytics, mobile playback, and a high level of security,…

VIDEOMapping Video Marketing Content to Tactics and Tools

Check out this recording of our live stream with Lemonlight to learn exactly which types of videos will get the best results when used with different video marketing tools and tactics. We’ll be looking at lead capture, video SEO, calls-to-action, and more.

An Inside Look at Our New Live Streaming Platform Features

5 MIN TO READ We just released live streaming on our platform, and today, we’re sharing an expert-led tour of these exciting new product features. Live streaming is a powerful way to reach an audience, right now. With the SproutVideo platform, you can leverage our video marketing and privacy tools to gain precise control over how your live stream is accessed and viewed by…

Six Simple Steps to Live Streaming for Business

8 MIN TO READ Live video is widely available for consumers as part of most major social media platforms, including Instagram Live, YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Twitch, and others. However, these public options have significant drawbacks for businesses, especially if the content you want to broadcast is intended just for employees or a select audience. The good news is that SproutVideo just added support…

Add New Revenue Streams to Your Business With Video

7 MIN TO READ Since COVID-19 pulled the rug out from under our collective feet, many businesses are recalibrating and scrambling to come up with new go-to-market strategies. For many, video is the answer to creating much-needed streams of revenue. Of course, this doesn’t apply only in crisis situations. Having multiple sources of income helps bring stability and growth to businesses no matter what’s…