Evergreen content is great for providing useful information, building a loyal blog following, earning thought leader status, and boosting your site’s SEO. But few companies use evergreen content to its full potential, opting instead to focus more on of-the-moment topics that will, much like the daily headlines, become less interesting by next week, and give people no reason to go rifling through older blog posts.

One challenge is actually knowing what sort of evergreen content you should be producing. In this post, we compiled a hit list of the most popular kinds of evergreen videos you can make to help spark your creativity.

Evergreen Video Content: Why It’s Important

Maybe you don’t know about evergreen content, or haven’t used the phrase, or maybe haven’t thought about it in relation to video. Basically, evergreen content is stuff that is, much like a pine tree, always fresh: relevant for more than a few months and preferably more than a year.

As a good rule of thumb, if you can share it again in six months and it will be just as relevant to your audience as it is today, it’s evergreen. This works for video in exactly the same way it works for blog posts or infographics: it’s the opposite of topical.

1. Explainer/How To

Use video to address an FAQ about your product or service, or to provide guidance on something that often causes confusion. It’s evergreen, and saves you customer service resources to boot! Home Depot does an excellent job of this type of video marketing with their curated playlists focused on various DIY projects and tools.

2. Educational

Is educational content a part of your marketing strategy? Video is a great way to educate your audience on the need for your product or its big-picture context. Better yet, make an educational series! For example, an art supplies store might make a series on different painting techniques to help teach their customers and drive demand for different products. Don’t think Bob Ross – keep your tips short and sweet.

3. Testimonial

If possible, interview customers, or simply present text testimonials set to music with images. Animoto is a great tool for creating this kind of video quickly and simply. Testimonials are a great and easy way to showcase your value.

4. Define Best Practices

Nothing says you know your stuff like making a Best Practices video (or video series). Examine best practices across your industry, highlighting the work of others as well as your own, and point to resources that your audience can use to get more information. Interviewing experts with a recorded video chat is an easy way to get clips you can use in your video, and adds credibility as well.

5. Engage with a World Issue

Highlight your position and relevance with regard to a big-picture topic that your company cares about (not a momentary news story). This works best if it’s an ongoing issue like saving the environment, or a long-term commitment to a charitable cause.

6. About Us

Introduce your team and give a bit of company history in an About Us video. This can go on your About Us page, as well as on your blog! A video introducing your team and office space can also be leveraged as an effective recruiting tool.

7. Thank You

Take a minute to thank your customers and your fans with a one-minute or less video message. Make links between their support and your success as a company. Take care to make it more about them, and less about you, to encourage sharing.

8. Case Study

Give customers and potential customers a view into how your team handled a challenging or interesting project and got results. Interview those involved for an even more hard-hitting video. Incorporate text elements to elucidate any complex concepts or data points to avoid getting lost in the weeds.

9. Animations/Infographics

Have an infographic, slide deck, or animation already produced? Recycle it and turn it into an engaging video!

10. White Paper

Has your organization produced a white paper? Use video to give a quick summary and preview, and to invite people to download and read it. You can even use a custom post-play screen to direct viewers to download your whitepaper after they finish watching your video.

11. Curate a Toolkit

You know your industry, so why not bring together a list of your favorite tools, and present it on video for your followers? These kinds of videos, as well as industry-specific product reviews, tend to get plenty of traction. Even better, a lot of it can be put together with screen capture tools and voice-overs.

12. “Behind-the-Scenes”

Make your team more accessible and human by giving a video view into the inner workings of your company. Similar to the About Us video, this can also be used as a recruiting tool. Keep it light-hearted and fun to avoid boring your viewers.

13. User-Generated

Ever thought of crowdsourcing your videos? Host a contest for customers and fans to submit their own videos, and edit it into something that thanks and honors your loyal audience members.

14. Client Spotlight

Have a great client story you want to share? Impress and praise them with a client spotlight video.

When sharing any of these types of videos on your social media channels, don’t forget to tag people and brands you mention – they’re likely to share with their online audience, too!

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