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5 Tips for Awesome Customer Testimonials

3 MIN TO READ Publicizing your glowing customer testimonials can be a nice way to spread the word about your product or service. But, did you know capturing testimonials on video can be even more effective than putting them in print? That said, many companies hire actors and script testimonial videos. This makes the old formula (Person in a Studio Says Why Brand X is…

The 10 Most Useful Pieces Of Video Equipment

4 MIN TO READ The truth is, video production can require an awful lot of kit, especially if you’re starting from zero. So, we put together a list of our top ten must-haves for video production. This is stuff you absolutely need, and will be well worth the cost, because you’ll use it again and again. Keep reading to find out what made our…

Video Production 101: Video Editing Options

3 MIN TO READ Video editing is possibly the most challenging and involved part of the video production process. For that reason, many companies opt to pay for professional video editing services. However, if you have basic editing skills already, or if you have a bit of time to invest in learning how to use editing software, there’s no reason why you can’t learn…

Video Production 101: Filming

4 MIN TO READ You planned your video, prepped your lighting and sound elements, and reached the filming stage. But wait – before you yell “Action!” you still have a few things to get in place. Here’s the rundown on all the steps you need to take to ensure you’re ready to roll.

Video Production 101: Audio

2 MIN TO READ Is there anything more frustrating than not being able to hear something properly? Whether it’s background noise, competing music tracks, or a muffled recording, bad audio is a real video buzzkill. In this post, we’ll walk you through the basics of getting audio right when filming so your next video will be sure to get its message across.

Video Production 101: Lighting

5 MIN TO READ Good lighting is an important part of making your video look and feel professional. Having light sources chosen and placed correctly will make a big difference, ensuring that colors pop and that your image is clear and bright. To help you set off on the right foot, we put together a primer on the basics of proper lighting for video.

Film VS Motion Graphics: When To Use Each

3 MIN TO READ As you prepare to create your company’s next video, you might be wondering whether it’s better to film real footage, or to use motion graphics instead. Both can give fantastic results. In fact, there are plenty of highly successful brand videos in both categories. When choosing between film and animation or motion graphics, there a few key factors to keep in…

Budgeting for Video

3 MIN TO READ Budgeting is a hugely important component of any video campaign because it effectively sets limits on what you can do — and also compels you to think creatively to get around those limits. In this post, we’re going to lay out what you need to consider as you set your video production budget. Then we’ll suggest some opportunities to cut…