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The Psychology of Video: Why Video Makes People More Likely to Buy

5 MIN TO READ It’s no secret – video is everywhere! Brands are using video in new and exciting ways and enjoying unheard of results, like higher time on page, lower bounce rate, and jumps in SEO. But why? What is it about video that leads to higher engagement and interaction rates? It has a lot to do with human psychology. Video as a…

Exactly How to Design an Effective Training Video Series

6 MIN TO READ (Photo Credit: GaudiLab on Shutterstock) Video has exploded as a training tool, and it’s no wonder. Video is highly engaging, and studies have shown it can boost retention and learning compared to other forms of instruction. Not so long ago, we shared how you can successfully design, implement, and analyze a video-based training program for your employees. In today’s post, we’re taking…

Expert Advice: All About Storage Solutions for Video Editing

6 MIN TO READ (Photo Credit: Laptop by Byjeng on Shutterstock) With the advent of 4K and 8K production workflows, video editing means working with incredibly large file sizes. This can present all kinds of issues, from running out of space to frustratingly slow performance. So, what is the best way to store all that data while editing your videos? Before you run out to…

Exactly How to Make a Professional Screencast Video

5 MIN TO READ One of the simplest, most common types of video out there is also one that so many companies manage to get really wrong. We’re talking about screencasts. They’re everywhere, and they’re usually too long, boring, and suffer from easily correctable faults. Whether they’re out of focus, or hard to follow, there are easy solutions to these problems. If you’ve ever wondered…

Video Marketing for Your Small Business: Law Firms

5 MIN TO READ Is your marketing strategy best described as ambulance chasing? If there ever was an industry that needed to drag its marketing efforts out of the dark ages, it’s the legal industry. So why not try something modern and highly impactful? A well-made video will tell people what you’re all about, and the difference you can make when they’re in need….

How to Film Your Own Video Rant

3 MIN TO READ Bottling everything up never did anyone any good! Releasing your feelings on video is not only cathartic, it makes for an authentic video that tells your followers exactly what you’re all about. But, you don’t want to come across as someone with anger issues! There’s a fine line between letting people know what you’re really thinking, and oversharing, or offending….

6 Hacks for Making Great Video on a Tiny Budget

5 MIN TO READ So you want to make an amazing video, but your budget isn’t massive? No sweat! The greatest videos aren’t necessarily the ones that have the resources and production values worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster. They’re the ones with heart. That’s good news if you don’t have a huge budget. And here’s some more news that’ll make you smile – we’re…