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10 Best Holiday Marketing Videos (and Why They Went Viral)

9 MIN TO READ There’s a lot to learn from these viral hits and timeless classics. Whether it’s a tear-jerker or a fall-off-the-sofa funny video, there’s something wonderfully evocative about holiday advertisements. We’ll look at the best holiday commercials and discuss how you can create a great holiday marketing video. Prepare your tear ducts.

5 Most Valuable Video Metrics to Measure Success

9 MIN TO READ Video metrics tell the story of how viewers interact with your video. They serve as key performance indicators (KPIs) for videos that provide direction as you review the data, test strategies to enhance engagement, and increase ROI.  From learning and development to operations, technology, and support — video metrics are essential for tracking the effectiveness of video content. Learn how…

Your Live Stream Event Marketing Plan

4 MIN TO READ Live events can be a real boost to your business, but only if your audience shows up! There are six key elements you’ll need to pull together to effectively promote your live stream. Keep reading to get a handle on promoting your next live stream, including a suggested timeline. 1. Event Landing Page Online events require a website, microsite, portal, or…

Everything to Know About Paid Virtual Events

6 MIN TO READ If you’ve never put together a virtual event, now is the time to learn how it can benefit your business. Over the last year, ticketed virtual events have become part of our new “normal” and will continue to be a way for brands to reach audiences like never before.

Eight Best Practices for Planning Internal Videos

5 MIN TO READ Maybe you’ve been at it for a while, or maybe a newly remote workforce inspired the C-suite to take on more rigorous internal communications. Either way, creating a workable editorial calendar for executive communications is an important undertaking that will support your company’s culture and growth over time. Whether you’re adding video to the mix, or building internal communications from…