We’ve really been cranking out the new features in the last 12 months. Recent additions include major upgrades to the functionality of our new HTML5 video player, new per-video privacy and sharing settings, and support for Ultra-HD video formats.

Today, we are excited to announce some key API updates to support all these new fabulous features. Keep reading for more details!

New API Updates!

These big changes make it easier for you to manage your account programmatically, replace videos, and manage new settings for individual videos. You can find all of our API documentation here.

Managing Account-wide Settings

First and foremost, we added a new account endpoint. This new endpoint enables you to review your account admin profile, and manage account-wide video settings through the API.

Previously, you had to access this information and these settings by logging into your account and using our web interface. Now, with these API updates, you can see your account contact information, current subscription plan, and your current billing period bandwidth and storage usage.

You can also change your account-wide video settings. For example, you can now change your allowed domains, allowed IP addresses, or download settings for your account.

Replace a Video

Sometimes, you just don’t catch all the errors in a video until you’re reviewing it in your account. Other times, the client sneaks in one last round of edits.

No matter the reason, replacing a video is often necessary. Being able to do so without having to update embed codes or any sharing links certainly makes your life easier.

Now, to make things even more streamlined, you can replace videos through the API.

New Player Sharing Settings

With our most recent (major) update to our player, we added the ability to enable social sharing and embed code sharing through the player. These options are now configurable through the API, both account-wide and for individual videos.

With social sharing or embed code sharing enabled through the player, you can make it easier for your viewers to share your videos. This can help grow the reach of your content to new audiences, providing a real boost to your video marketing.

The new changes to the API allow you to configure these settings at the account-wide level or for individual videos programmatically.

New Settings for Individual Videos

You might recall that we recently added the ability to set allowed domains, allowed IP addresses, and download permissions for individual videos. Today, you can now edit all of those settings through the API.

Want to only allow one video to play on a given website, and another to play only on a different URL? No problem. Want to let viewers download the HD version of one video, and the source version of another? Go for it!

If you have any questions about these new changes to the SproutVideo API, please contact our support team.