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An Inside Look at Our New Beta Live Streaming Features

5 MIN TO READ We just released live streaming in beta on our platform, and today, we’re sharing an expert-led tour of these exciting new product features. Live streaming is a powerful way to reach an audience, right now. With the SproutVideo platform, you can leverage our video marketing and privacy tools to gain precise control over how your live stream is accessed and…

Authentically Inclusive Video Marketing: A Step by Step Guide

8 MIN TO READ Whether this post finds you at the start of your journey, or whether your company is already practicing inclusive marketing, we’re sharing our perspective to help you go even further than before. This is not an overnight transformation, and it’s much, much more than ensuring racial diversity in your choice of actors or voiceovers. Today, we’re specifically looking at how…

How to Make a Captivating Teaser Video

4 MIN TO READ The perfect teasers are created to grab the attention of viewers and keep them wanting more. But, how do you craft one without giving too much away? In this post, we’ll be examining teasers and content snippets we’ve created, and deep-diving into the elements of what makes them successful. What is Teaser Content? A teaser is a short video that…

How to Handle Trending Video Topics 

6 MIN TO READ Sometimes, you can choose when to participate in a fun and lighthearted online trend. Other times, that decision is made for you by crises that force you to upend your best laid plans. So, how do you know when to sit out a trend or jump on it? And, what should you do if you don’t have a choice? In…

Maximizing Video On Instagram

6 MIN TO READ At 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram simply cannot be ignored. In particular, sharing video on Instagram offers unique opportunities for brand building and engagement that can’t be found elsewhere. In this post, we’re looking at all the different options for sharing video on Instagram, with specific advice for maximizing your content on the platform.

6 Components of a Successful Video Testimonial

3 MIN TO READ No matter how many times a sales rep raves about your product or service, it can’t compete with a glowing review or testimonial from an actual customer. It’s like having a friend recommend a product; you’re automatically inclined to trust them. 

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at why video testimonials resonate so well with audiences, using two examples from our own archive. 

6 Video Marketing Trends for 2020

4 MIN TO READ Video marketing became a major player in the 2010s and has no plans to slow down in 2020 and beyond. A lot of what is relevant for video marketing in 2019 will still be absolutely important this year. In this blog, we’re going over six video trends and ideas that will help you hit the ground running in 2020.

What Makes John Lewis Holiday Videos So Successful?

5 MIN TO READ Year after year, one British retailer sets the standard for emotional storytelling in their Christmas ads. That’s right, we’re talking about John Lewis, the reigning champion of heartwarming, tear-jerking holiday campaigns. But don’t take our word for whether or not they’re truly the leaders in the holiday ad race – just check the millions of views they’ve racked up every…