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What Can We Learn from Auto Brand Marketing Videos?

4 MIN TO READ Have you seen a car advert recently that make you stop what you were doing and pay attention? We bet you have – the auto industry consistently churns out hit after hit. We took a close look at the techniques used to hook viewers in a few of our favorites, and came up with some steal-worth tips you should drive right off the…

Powerful Ways to Use Viewer Tracking to the Fullest

5 MIN TO READ Ever wonder exactly who is watching your videos? If you use the viewer tracking features SproutVideo offers, you can actually find out.Here’s the nitty gritty on exactly how to set it up, and how to leverage viewer tracking in different ways to help your business grow.

How to Get Great Customer Testimonials on Camera

4 MIN TO READ Fact: your customers are more persuasive than you. When it comes to telling others how great your organization is, a testimonial from a customer is hugely compelling. A video testimonial featuring happy customers is something that every business should produce. But, not all video testimonials are created equal. With this guide, you can make your video stand out from the…

How to Leverage Video Across Your Entire Organization

8 MIN TO READ Video can be used in a multitude of ways across many business functions because it’s proven to be one of the most effective mediums for communication. Here is the ultimate guide to implementing video throughout your organization to improve collaboration and efficiency, and the KPIs to track for your results as well.

Let’s Make a Video Series! A 10-Step Primer.

4 MIN TO READ Creating a video series can be an excellent way to raise engagement with your website, reach new audiences, and capture leads, especially if you’ve never done one before. In fact, a lot of the most influential video brand marketing is through video series, and this isn’t surprising when you think about what a series actually is. Since it’s a brand…