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The Best Way to Use a 360 Camera

4 MIN TO READ Not too long ago, 360 video was all the rage. You saw it on Facebook, YouTube, and even in major advertisements. However, after a splashy debut, audiences lost interest, and it largely faded from the mainstream.  In this episode of our How to Video series, we will be discussing the history of 360 cameras, some of the current consumer cameras,…

228 Days Later: Behind the Scenes

6 MIN TO READ This year, we had no shortage of inspiration for a scary Halloween video. Between the natural disasters, global pandemic, murder hornets, and our overall stress levels, there was a lot to work with. However, we also had to operate with a very small crew, with everyone’s safety as the very first priority. Some of our ideas were just unworkable with…

How Shutter Speed Impacts Your Footage

4 MIN TO READ You’ve probably heard the term shutter speed, but do you actually know what it means, how it works, or how to choose the right speed? There is actually a super simple golden rule to go by, but also a lot more to it than you might think. In this How to Video episode, we’ll be tackling all things shutter speed….

How to Choose the Right Encoding Software for Live Streaming

5 MIN TO READ Ever wonder how a video feed from a camera is converted to a live stream online? The answer is encoding software, a type of video software that can take a video source and transcode it in real-time into a format that can be streamed online. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at six different options for encoding software….

Behind the Scenes of Our First Live Stream

6 MIN TO READ Live video is an incredibly powerful way to drive viewer engagement when done correctly. Forget stale straight-to-camera presentations. Today, we’ll show you how to take your live stream to the next level by mixing in multiple presenters, slides, and video inputs.  Using our first live stream demo as an example, we’ll cover the camera gear, software, and creative elements you…

How to Pull Off a Multi-Source Live Stream

6 MIN TO READ Have you ever seen a live stream where there are multiple people, slides, images, or cameras? Then thought to yourself, how are they possibly doing all of that? Well, in this episode of our How To Video series, we will be going over how to successfully execute a multi-source live stream. In this post we’ll cover the benefits of multiple…

Six Simple Steps to Live Streaming for Business

8 MIN TO READ Live video is widely available for consumers as part of most major social media platforms, including Instagram Live, YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Twitch, and others. However, these public options have significant drawbacks for businesses, especially if the content you want to broadcast is intended just for employees or a select audience. The good news is that SproutVideo just added support…