Update: We added themes and a video site editor to significantly improve the look and feel of these sites. Read about it in this blog post!

Update #2: We launched our video websites out of beta! You no longer have to make a request to have these features added to your account. You can just open a free trial account and get started right away!

We are extremely excited to announce the next phase of development for our brandable video pages! Today, we are launching customizable video websites, hosted entirely by SproutVideo!

All About Video Websites

These video sites are available to all new and existing SproutVideo subscribers, and take the guesswork out of putting your video content live online. You no longer have to find a separate host for your website or a content management system – you can do everything within the SproutVideo platform you already know and love!

Here is an example of a live video site hosted by SproutVideo:

video website example

You can visit that site and click around to check it out: SproutVideo Example Site.

Customizable Themes

The above is just one example of the many ways you can use these flexible video sites. Each theme is highly customizable. You can add your own logo, customize the colors, add your own CSS or Javascript, change the menu colors, and add or remove custom pages.

Built-in Video Marketing Tools

Each video website is built on top of a powerful video marketing platform. For instance, our videos sites include video SEO features. We’ll even automatically generate and submit a video sitemap on your behalf.

In addition, these video sites are built to be social. You can grow your followings on different platforms, or, encourage viewers to share your content far and wide. You can even allow video embed code sharing if you’d like.

Of course, SproutVideo’s incredibly popular email-gating feature works seamlessly with our video websites as well as embedded videos. You can even integrate your marketing platform of choice to send leads directly to your list. Where possible, we’ll include information about which video they watched, and how much they actually watched, allowing you to send targeted campaigns based on viewing activity.

Built-in Video Privacy Tools

Sometimes, you don’t want to promote your content at all. Instead, you might want to ensure your videos are available only to a specific group of people.

SproutVideo’s websites make an excellent choice for secure video portals. From site-wide passwords, to individual video privacy settings, there are numerous ways to secure your content.

SproutVideo’s robust video privacy settings work seamlessly with our video websites. For instance, if your videos are login protected, a visitor to your website will only see the videos he or she has access to after logging in.

login protection and video websites hosted by SproutVideo

Also, password protected videos and private videos will remain that way even if you have your public video site enabled. Private videos will never show up on your public site, and password protected videos will still require a password.

We also offer advanced video privacy controls, like single sign-on, IP address restriction, and geo restriction, which allow you to precisely control access to your video content. Creating a secure video portal for your business has never been easier!

Launch A Video Website In Minutes

Believe it or not, these powerful video websites require no technical skills to create, and can be set up in a matter of minutes.

Video Website Theme Editor Hosted by SproutVideo

Our intuitive theme editor allows you to make your video website completely unique. You can select a featured video, change the video sort order, enable categories, change the colors to match your branding, and more.

You can also add Google Analytics tracking, enable social media sharing, and add custom pages. In addition, these video sites offer commenting (powered by Disqus), RSS feeds, and are searchable and browsable to boot.

Despite all these options, launching a video website takes no time at all. In fact, you could have already done it in the time it took you to read this post!

Sound too good to be true? Why not see it for yourself? Signup for a free trial today and build your own video website in minutes!